Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip – Fat Free!

Funny thing is, I was never really a ranch person until adulthood. This was me as an adolescent: Ranch with pizza? Gross. Ranch with veggies? Meh. Ranch with french fries? Gag. Something changed when I grew up and I decided: Dang, ranch makes a pretty darn tasty dip! I’m still not one to grab for ranch with salads. But as a dip – yes please! Bring on the chips, pizza and veggies – WITH ranch! My thighs are thanking me for deciding to love ranch after I graduated with a degree in Nutrition. Let’s be honest, a little regular ranch doesn’t lead to a little waist. The good news is there is a simple solution. You can have your ranch & eat it too – a lot of it!

Ingredients: 2 Cups Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt + 1 Packet Ranch mix  *quick tip: pick up the brand with the lowest sodium*

Directions: Mix. Boom. Done. Simple as that. Enjoy!


I usually do a 1 cup serving for a satisfying snack sesh. The above picture includes carrots, celery, Pop Tortilla Chips & my homemade Pizza Bites. Nutrition Facts for 1 cup: Calories – 120, Carbs – 9g, Protein – 23g, Fat – 0g

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